100% Guaranteed AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification Training!

Why AWS Certification?

AWS Certification helps professionals build confidence and credibility to their AWS cloud platform expertise. It is one of the top most industry-recognized certification for cloud platforms out there.

Conventional trainings do not help in building the confidence needed to start your tech career.

This is a unique opportunity to be with some of the leading Cloud Architects in the world. Your mentors are all AWS certified with experience in real life implementations, giving you hands-on exposure to these modern technologies. This team has also successfully trained hundreds of professionals across the globe.

Details about the training:

Duration:  1 Month
Cost:  17,000 INR (including GST)
Location:  Online Classroom
Lab:  Will be provided with Cloud access.
Eligibility:  Any Bachelors Degree with Computer Programming.
Laptop:  Any laptop with access to internet.
  • Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures
    •   1.1 Choose reliable/resilient storage.
    •   1.2 Determine how to design decoupling mechanisms using AWS services.
    •   1.3 Determine how to design a multi-tier architecture solution.
    •   1.4 Determine how to design high availability and/or faulttolerant architectures.
  • Domain 2: Define Performant Architectures
    •   2.1 Choose performant storage and databases.
    •   2.2 Apply caching to improve performance.
    •   2.3 Design solutions for elasticity and scalability.
  • Domain 3: Specify Secure Applications and Architectures
    •   3.1 Determine how to secure application tiers.
    •   3.2 Determine how to secure data.
    •   3.3 Define the networking infrastructure for a single VPC application.
  • Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures
    •   4.1 Determine how to design cost-optimized storage.
    •   4.2 Determine how to design cost-optimized compute.
  • Domain 5: Define Operationally-Excellent Architectures
    •   5.1 Choose design features in solutions that enable operational excellence.
  • 1) This is not strictly a classroom like training, our goal is to ready you to be an independent and confident professional. There will be theory sessions focusing on the certification, but otherwise it is most demonstrations and practicals.

  • 2) After the one month training we offer three months of continued email guidance.
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AWS Certification Training EnquiryAWS Certification Training Enquiry

Founder & Lead TrainerFounder & Lead Trainer

Sreeprakash Neelakantan

Sreeprakash Neelakantan

Founder/MD/Chief Cloud & DevOps Architect

Sree has over 40 years of technology and training experience. Currently, he looks after Enterprise Cloud, DevOps, Dockerization and AWS at Schogini Systems P Ltd., a company founded by him in the year 1997. He is an evangelist and thought leader in the Continuous Delivery and DevOps space. In addition to being a Cloud Architect, he also imparts training in AWS, IOT, Docker and other DevOps related technologies. Sree's core speciality is in building scripted, version-able, repeatable, auto-scaling, load-balanced and self-healing infrastructures. Sree also works in server-less architectures using AWS Lambda service and Internet of Things (IOT). Sree is also an Amazon Certified AWS Cloud Architect with 15+ years of server experience. He is also the author of Docker Fundamentals [Integrated Course] published by Packtpub.


Roshan Roja M A R
Training Certificate

Training Certificate

Schogini is the right place for DevOps and other cutting-edge technologies with real-time corporate professionals. When I came to know about Schogini, honestly I didn't have much idea about the training facilities provided by the team. So I thought it would be a better option to join here and get some knowledge about the core technologies which may help to clear interviews, which would be a big thing for me. From day one I felt a different energetic atmosphere in the classroom. And about the staff, all are well experienced, trained and also very much friendly to everyone, as a student which helped me a lot. The main thing is that all the syllabus covered up in a proper manner so that a student can understand each thing about the technology. Thank you team Schogini for making my career. Roshan Roja M A R, AWS Specialist
Rebecca Li
Web Technology Training is a well-structured course to help me get a glimpse of the latest technology in web development. I would like to go through some training sessions when I started to try something brand new because it will give me an idea of how to explore and where to find resources. What is valuable to me is the experience the trainers got after they worked in the industry for years and encountered many problems. However, training just covers topic by topic. It still requires a lot of self-study in the process and needs to make some effort to link everything together to build a workable website. Rebecca Li, Student, National Univeristy of Singapore
Unmesh Gangadharan
Schogini training and internship enabled me to enter and win the Appathon competition in UK. I received appreciation from the then UK Prime Minister, David Cameron for this accolade. I'm grateful to Schogini for the opportunity and the training provided. Unmesh Gangadharan, Intern, UK
Great Help. It was really great help that you have provided with my AWS issue. You guys went above and beyond to resolve the issue. I am very thankful for all of you and appreciate your professionalism. Once again thank you very much. Nasreen Hafeez

Other TrainersOther Trainers

Gayatri S Ajith

Cloud Architect, Trainer & Consultant for AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Magento, e-Commerce & DevOps Technologies. With 12+ years of industry experience.

Abhijith V G

Cloud Architect, Author, Trainer & Consultant for AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Magento, IOS, Android & DevOps Technologies. With 8+ years of industry experience.

TestimonialsTrainer Credentials

AWS Certified
AWS Certified

Chef Certified
Chef Certified

Experienced Authors
Experienced Authors


Q: What are the payment terms?

You will have to make the full payment upfront to register for this exclusive training.

Q: What are the timings for this training?

This training program consist of a total of 20 sessions, 2 hrs each. There will have sessions on Monday to Friday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Q: What is the refund policy?

If you decide to discontinue the training (which is unlikely) you will get prorated refund.

Q: If I want to learn other topics like DevOps, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, Nagios, Kubernetes etc?

After this training, should you wish to upgrade your knowledge further, you may opt for additional study by subscribing to our special courses.

Q: Do you offer placement support?

No, but you can use us for your reference. We can also conduct mock interviews and provide feedback. This will boost your confidence when attending interviews, while the internship itself will tremendously enhance your eligibility to be employed.

Q: Do you offer certification support?

Yes, our certified trainers can guide you to help you prepare for certifications like how we have done ourselves.

Q: What is the cost of this training?

The cost of this training is 17,000 INR, which is including GST.

Q: Will I get any discount if I refer friends for this training?

Yes. You will get a 5% discount on your training fee for each intern that you refer.

Q: What if I want to learn advanced topics?

After the completion of this training, we will be offering supplementary courses on the following topics:

  • - DevOps
  • - Chef Configuration Management
  • - Puppet Configuration Management
  • - SaltStack Configuration Management
  • - Kubernetes Container Orchestration
  • - AWS IOT Core
  • - IBM Watson
  • - Machine Learning Practicals
  • - Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  • - Introduction to Google Compute Cloud
  • - Introduction to Docker EE

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