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Schogini is an enterprise support tech team that is built on the principles of fanatic customer support & always been on the cutting edge of technology. Founded in 1997 by Sreeprakash N, Schogini started out as a hosting company, rated as the best web hosting company 5 times by the web host directory, and evolved into an DevOps, eCommerce & Mobile powerhouse. Schogini's forte is assisting medium to large enterprises to architect, streamline and automate their development processes. Schogini's certified developers can not only augment your development team in terms of coding, but, can also manage them to ensure that the goals are met. Schogini's 15+ years of server expertise gives Schogini the edge to design your cloud architecture & development operations. Schogini is a perfect blend of experience, expertise & knowledgeable human support.

DevOps Space

Schogini's years of Linux server based hosting experience helped in its natural progression into the DevOps automation solutions. Schogini is certified Amazon AWS solutions provider and offer cloud or dedicated CI and CD solutions using Docker and related tools.

Magento Commerce

Schogini's experience in web hosting lead to the creation of a web development division which evolved into eCommerce team, specifically Magento. Schogini has been working closely with Magento since the beginning being one of the first companys to release payment modules for it. Our first payment module was even featured on Roy Rubin's list of Magento modules to install. Schogini is now one of the largest payment module developers online, being the trusted developer for major payment gateways like First Data, Vantiv, TrustCommerce and more. As our expertise with Magento strengthened, so did our customers trust in our abilites and we started our Magento consultation services. With Magento Certified Developers & Architects our team is capable to meet and exceed any eCommerce requirement on Magento.

Mobility Solutions

Since the year 2010, Schogini diversified into mobility space, building state of the art mobile apps. From educational apps & 2D games to enterprise business apps, Schogini has developed 500+ mobile applications in IOS and Android platforms. Schogini can deliver high quality apps on any mobile platform. Schogini also provides online and on-site training on IOS (both Objective-C & Swift) & Android app development. Schogini also specializes in interfacing mobile devices with external devices for realworld use. The Augmented Reality Siren successfully developed and tested by Schogini, which can be used in detecting dam fissures, unmanned railway crossings etc is a perfect example for this. Schogini also received appreciation from United Nations representive for the use of technology in disaster management for this venture. Schogini has always been on to new and latest technologies and has good expertise in developing multi platform mobile applications using Ionic & AngularJS.

“Sree is an evangelist and thought leader in the Continuous Delivery and DevOps space. In addition to being a Cloud Architect, he also imparts training in AWS, Docker and other DevOps related technologies. Sree's core speciality is in building scripted, version-able, repeatable, auto-scaling, load-balanced and self-healing infrastructures. Sree also works in server-less architectures using AWS Lambda service and Internet of Things (IOT). Sree is also an Amazon Certified AWS Cloud Architect with 15+ years of server experience. He is also the author of Docker Fundamentals [Integrated Course] published by Packtpub.”
  Sree - Founder/MD/Chief Cloud & DevOps Architect

“Gayatri is a certified professional and highly experienced OpenSource eCommerce developer, team lead, and project manager. She is Magento Certified Developer Plus and Magento Certified Solutions Specialist. With over a decade of hands-on development experience in web technologies (LAMP & MEAN), she has a strong technical background with the ability to communicate those technicalities frequently and clearly. Gayatri is comfortable in proposing alternatives when necessary to ensure the client goals are met - always. Currently, she is mastering AngularJS & Ionic while heading the eCommerce division of Schogini.”
Gayatri S Ajith - CEO/Cloud & DevOps Architect  

“Ajith brings with him more than a decade of experience in global IT industry, with extensive knowledge in handling multiple projects and teams. Prior to joining Schogini he lead the development team for Nortel Secure Network Access Controller BBI at the Offshore Development Center at Bangalore. Involved in development of various software modules for the same product using ERLANG, C/C++.”
Ajith G - VP Tech Support/Cloud & DevOps Architect  

“Abhi is a very experienced mobile app expert, specialized in native IOS & Android. He looks after the mobility department at Schogini. He has 6+ years of experience in managing and developing highly complex applications for mobile devices in IOS & Android platforms. His expertise ranges from mobile enterprise business application development & multi platform custom app development to 2D game development. He is also the author of variety of books on IOS application development with Objective-C & Swift. He is a well established trainer on both IOS and Android application development. Along with these, he is also an Amazon AWS Developer & Magento Developer Plus certified professional.”
Abhijith VG - COO/Cloud & DevOps Architect  

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