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Case Study : Cloud Based Mobile Workforce Management Solutions - Home Servicing for Automobile Industry


The client is a popular automobile dealer with lots of service centers. They were looking to improve the efficiency of their service centers by managing and tracking their service center workforce. They also wanted to provide a significant value addition for their customers by providing better service at their doorstep with a single phone call. For this, they decided to have a mobile workforce management solution for their service centers.

Business Scenario

The client wanted a cloud based mobile solution, which enables the service center managers to track and manage their home servicing workforce resources effectively and in an optimal way. They wanted to provide highly efficient and cost effective automobile home servicing experience for their customers, which includes automobile roadside assistance and doorstep repair. Along with this, they also wanted to use this as an option to increase their genuine spare parts sales. The service personnels will be assigned various routes and locations for service, which will be updated on the system and will be synced to their mobile devices instantly. The manager will be able to track the current location and the job completion status of each service personnel. The personnels will also carry genuine automobile spare parts, which they can sell based on the requirement to the customers (based on the stock availability) or replace during their service. After the completion of each job, the service personnel will be able to provide the customer with a bill and will be able to get the work completion order signed by the customer on their mobile device itself. The mobile app will also keep track of the inventory of spare parts available with each personnel at a given point of time.


Basically the client wanted Schogini to develop an efficient system which can be used to fully track and manage their home servicing workforce, with provision for managers to assign more jobs on the go.

  • Account creation and secure login for service personnels and the managers.
  • Cloud based backend which will be synced across the devices.
  • Dynamic service personnel location tracking.
  • Intelligent personnel suggestions for new jobs based on the current locations of the service personnels for the Manager to assign.
  • Push notification service for new jobs created and assigned along with job completion or cancellation notifications for managers.
  • Inventory tracking and managing - out for delivery and used/sold details.
  • Billing system with provision to collect the signature from customer in the job completion sheet.
  • Daily reporting for service personnel and manager grouped by job completion, location, personnel etc.


The Schogini team analysed the requirements in detail and decided to use Ionic framework for the application development so that mobile builds can be created with the help of Phonegap. For the backend Schogini team decided to use Firebase, which is a cloud based service, which can be synced across multiple platforms simultaneously. Push notification service was implemented with the help of Amazon Simple Notification Service(SNS) to make it work across all devices. The daily reporting was implemented with the help of custom html templates so that the final reports are simple, visual and easy to interpret. PDF generation based on the report also was implemented so that it can be shared and distributed easily. The billing system gave some issues during the initial development, but was rectified by interfacing the app with a hand-held printer unit for printing the bills for the customers.


The cloud based mobile workforce management solution is ready and the client is able to increase the efficiency of their home servicing service personnels with absolute accuracy and is thereby able to serve more customers per day. Now the client’s managers are able to manage the huge number of service personnels effectively from their office and is able to monitor and co-ordinate everything optimally. The service personnels are also able to combine their reporting and job completion into a single process. They are also able to save a lot of time, by the careful job assignment based on their current location.


Abhijith VG - COO/Cloud & DevOps Architect
Abhi is a very experienced mobile app expert, specialized in native IOS & Android. He looks after the mobility department at Schogini. He has 6+ years of experience in managing and developing highly complex applications for mobile devices in IOS & Android platforms. His expertise ranges from mobile enterprise business application development & multi platform custom app development to 2D game development. He is also the author of variety of books on IOS application development with Objective-C & Swift. He is a well established trainer on both IOS and Android application development. Along with these, he is also an Amazon AWS Developer & Magento Developer Plus certified professional.
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