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1. Which version of Magento are you currently using?
2. Where did you first hear about Schogini?
3. Have you implemented DevOps (Development, Testing and Staging/Production Workflow) for your Magento shop to steamline the integration and deployment?
4. Do you have regular/remote backup & emergency restore setup for your store?
5. Do you have an emergency support/response team to help you resolve any Magento store breakdown to reduce the downtime?
6. Do you have a Magento Certified Solutions Architect assisting you in deciding whether to custom develop or purchase modules to meet your store requirements?
7. Do you need custom Magento development services?
8. Do you have a team that will monitor, alert and apply latest security patches & upgrades for your Magento store?
9. Do you need any support to connect/integrate your Magento store with other 3rd party systems like ERP, CRM etc?
10. Have you planned for Scalable Magento using Docker Containers with Auto-Scaling/Load-Balancing Amazon-AWS cloud architecture for your Magento store, to ensure optimal cost vs performance moving forward?
11. Do you need support to conduct security audits/optimize/manage your Magento server/hosting environment?
12. What is your area of expertise?
13. What is your job title?
14. Do you have any suggestions or comments to help us server you better?

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