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Case Study : Enterprise Mobile App Development for Management Consulting Company


With the increased popularity of smart phones and tablets, it is now imperative for enterprise businesses to have a mobile application. The client is a renowned management consulting and training services company. They provide decision making and problem solving solutions to businesses all over the world. They were looking for an enterprise mobile application development company who has experience in multi platform mobile app development as their studies proved that a mobile application for their well established enterprise solutions will bring them the extra edge with customer satisfaction and convenience. They needed an enterprise mobile app development company who can implement their carefully drafted wireframe into a fully functional mobile solution.

Business Scenario

The client wanted to push the boundaries of what most business apps can do. Their main aim with this app was to give the users their featured decision making and problem solving process modules on their tablets. The user will be able to apply these processes on any situation and in any type of environment from anywhere they go. The client’s plan was to make things simpler yet powerful for their users.


Mobile enterprise application development for a complex and powerful application as required by the client was not an easy task to accomplish.

  • This custom mobile application development need to be done natively for tablets running two different OS - IOS and Android.
  • The wide variety in sizes and screen resolutions of tablets available on the market required the app to look and perform perfectly irrespective of the device.
  • Management of such a complex mobile enterprise application development across multiple platforms simultaneously and effectively.
  • Fully customized UI/UX with similar look and feel on the different mobile platforms.
  • Dynamic process flow with ability to enter at any level based on the data entered.
  • Custom save and edit options for worksheets.
  • Dynamic UI creation and updation (including image & process attachments, custom popovers etc) based on user interaction or user entered values - keeping the layouts perfect on all resolution devices.
  • Custom folder structure for worksheets within the device with ability to create, rename and delete folders and worksheets.
  • Custom cross-platform export and import feature for worksheets including attachments.
  • Dynamic reports generation (including PDF) based on the templates and user generated values.
  • User Login/Registration system integrated with the client’s online system.
  • Feature lock or unlock based on the access provided for the logged in user.


The expert team from Schogini had to analyze the wireframe in detail and propose valuable improvements/suggestions based on Schogini’s vast experience. After that Schogini had to create the IOS and Android tablet apps exactly as proposed and simultaneously to save time. Care was taken to ensure that the UI of the tablet app matches that of the wireframe. Detailed testing had to be performed at each stage of development to ensure UI integrity based on user generated data. During the initial testing stages, the custom PDF generation had some glitches when user attaches an image to the worksheet. But this was fixed and made perfect by developing custom libraries.


With all the requirements for the mobile enterprise application development complete and the app functioning great, the client is now able to provide its clients with the best in class mobile solution for decision making and problem solving. Quite an amount of time was saved on every client by making the process modules available with them all the time on their mobile devices. Also well documented issue reports with proofs became an instant hit with the customers. The overall customer base and reach of the client has considerably gone up, while the number of unsatisfied customers have drastically come down.


Abhijith VG - COO/Cloud & DevOps Architect
Abhi is a very experienced mobile app expert, specialized in native IOS & Android. He looks after the mobility department at Schogini. He has 6+ years of experience in managing and developing highly complex applications for mobile devices in IOS & Android platforms. His expertise ranges from mobile enterprise business application development & multi platform custom app development to 2D game development. He is also the author of variety of books on IOS application development with Objective-C & Swift. He is a well established trainer on both IOS and Android application development. Along with these, he is also an Amazon AWS Developer & Magento Developer Plus certified professional.
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