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Top Technology Options to Pursue 

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Understand the top job options for freshers and professionals seeking to learn new technologies


Trending Job Opportunities


DevOps Engineer

What is DevOps? What it takes to be a DevOps Engineer? Understand the essential skills to upskill yourself to be a DevOps Professional.


Cloud Engineer

Understand the essentials of what is meant by cloud computing and what exactly do you need to pursue to be employed in this field.


Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial Intelligence is catching up these days. We will have a look at the traits needed to excel in this area.

Areas Highest in Demand

Cloud-based infrastructure creation, DevOps CI/CD Pipeline automation, and Artificial Intelligence are some of the top areas that are in high demand. Based on your natural flair, you can choose to pursue one.

What it Takes to Pursue

Understanding the fundamentals well is the key. Besides, the ability to relate this to real-world scenarios is essential. Have an exploratory and continual learning approach.

Areas to Focus

Have your own cloud account for your experiments. Most of the cloud providers offer free allowances. Learn by doing what you understand practically, making handy notes and snippets. Build scripts to automate common tasks.

Speaker & The Team

Sreeprakash Neelakantan is one of the senior-most technology professionals in the Information Technology industry with 40+ years of international IT industry experience. Past IT Manager KLM Airlines and the recipient of the Top Quality Performance Award for Cost Saving and Performance Enhancement. He holds four Amazon Web Services Certifications.


Chief Cloud Architect - Schogini Systems P Ltd and Past Information Technology Manager - KLM Airlines


Holds four Amazon Web Services Certifications including two professional ones



Cloud Technologies, Automation Solutions, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things (IoT)


Published a book on Docker Fundamentals for Packt Publications

Experienced Team Members 


Gayatri S Ajith

Cloud Architect, Trainer & Consultant for AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Magento, e-Commerce & DevOps Technologies.

Gayatri has experience in training beginner & experienced professionals in DevOps, AWS, and Full-Stack development. She has conducted training online and onsite for individuals and corporates like The World Bank, VMWare, Lenox International, Ericsson, ITC Infotech, UST Global. She packs over 15+ years of expertise in Full-stack architecture, understanding of each phase in the Product Pipeline & server-side scripting. Her areas of focus are DevOps & Automation for Enterprises, Designing Auto Scaling, Self Healing Cloud Architecture. She is a former Amazon Certified Developer – Associate, Chef Basic Fluency Certified, Magento Certified Solution Specials & Magento Certified Developer Plus (Community & Enterprise Editions).


Abhijith V G

Cloud Architect, Author, Trainer & Consultant for AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Magento, IOS, Android & DevOps Technologies.

Abhi is a technology enthusiast with 10+ years of IT experience, ranging from software development to heading software divisions. In addition to being a Cloud & DevOps Architect, Abhi has imparted over 800 hours of training in DevOps, Docker, AWS and mobile related technologies and also authored technology books. He has conducted training for freshers and professionals alike both online and onsite for individuals and corporates like Oracle. His key areas of interest include Amazon AWS Cloud, Docker, DevOps & Automation, Container Clustering using Kubernetes, Automation Scripting, Cloud Architecture, and Training. He is a former Amazon Certified Developer – Associate & Magento Certified Developer Plus.


No, not at all. This webinar is aimed to bring some clarity to the trending technologies.

You will get an idea of the top trending technologies that have some of the highest-paying jobs.

To stay focused on what additional studies you should do to improve your employability. This webinar is useful for freshers, unemployed professionals, and those who are seeking fresh employment opportunities.

Yes, the basics of any programming language are good enough.

You are expected to have worked with computers, but a deep understanding of OS is not required.

A technical degree is expected.

No, but you should have completed some technical education to be employable.

This webinar is planned to be a live session. But some webinars may have live and pre-recorded sections.

Yes. You must type in your questions via the chat system. Participants' microphones will stay muted.

We will be conducting such webinars on DevOps, Machine Learning, IoT, and Cloud Solutions from time to time.

Docker Fundamentals Publication by Sree

May 27, 2018


Sree @ Silicon Valley

Sreeprakash Neelekantan Interview at Startup America Lounge, TiEcon 2011

Sreeprakash Neelekantan, CEO of Schogini Inc., talks with Jeanine LeFlore at Startup America Lounge. Sreeprakash discusses the importance of knowing the technological depth that you need in order to enter into the market. He tells Jeanine what it takes to run a business... "It is a passion, money is byproduct. Passion is what drives you."


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