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How To Apply Magento Security Patch and Updates

Magento releases security patch and updates periodically to fix or improve the known security vulnerabilities and bugs in a particular version of Magento. With the application of such patches, the usability and performance seems to improve a lot compared to the original release.

Where to Get Magento Patches

All Security Patches for Magento CE and EE can be downloaded from Magento Support website:

  • If you have an account, login to, My Account section. If you don’t have an account in magentocommerce, register for a free account.

  • Navigate to Community Edition Patches Section.

  • Select the patch to apply, next to the version of Magento you have installed.

  • Press Download button, and save the file to the format you want.

Apply a Magento Patch

  • Copy the Downloaded patch file, the .sh file, to Magento root directory.
  • Execute the following command. (Check the user has sufficient privileges to run this command)
sh <>

  • After successful installation, you will get a message: “Patch was applied/reverted successfully”.

  • Check if the above script changed the ownership of modified files. Run the following command to re-apply proper ownership.


How to Revert an Applied Patch

If you run into errors/issues after installing a patch, execute the following command to revert the applied patch.

From the root directory,

sh <> -R

 sh -R

Should you need patching assistance, please check Schogini’s Patching Service


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