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Why Should I Learn Sudarsan Kriya?

Know Your Instructor

Sreeprakash Neelakantan


The Art of Living Faculty Since 1999

Has conducted hundreds of Art of Living workshops during these 20+ years for people from all walks of life, professionals, householders, bureaucrats to prisoners.


Age 60+, Runs Full Marathons

Mumbai Marathon 2020 finisher at the age of 63! The Art of Living Breathing techniques helps to retard the aging process and immensely enhances overall fitness and endurance!


Award Winning Past IT Head KLM Airlines

Has 40+ Years of Information Technology experience who is a continual learner and educator. Know the ways to study more efficiently!

Meditation & Breath Workshop

The Art of Living Happiness Program:
For Happiness, Health & Immunity
May 10-13 4 Days 4AM-6AM IN ENGLISH


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