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Magento 2 CE/EE Custom Maintenance and Disaster Recovery (DR) Site with AWS

Magento 2 Custom Maintenance Disaster Recovery Site Using AWS

Magento 2 Custom Maintenance Disaster Recovery Site with Automated Health Check

  • While you are updating your Magento 2 CE or EE site, you do not want your users to use it.
  • While you are fixing issues in your Magento 2 CE or EE site you cannot even enable the default maintenance page as the shop/web server is down.
  • Customers should see a well designed webpage instead of the default site.
  • Your team should still be able to access the site using IP address exclusion.
  • If your site ever goes down you want this custom site be shown so that users will not see a broken site.
  • Need to use your own Amazon AWS account. If you do not have an Amazon AWS account we could offer our account for a subscription.
  • We will need AWS S3 bucket, AWS Route 53 (and point your domainname to this).
  • We will also need SSH access to your site to install the system.
  • A maintenance website (you can suggest the content and provide the images).
  • An automated health check system added to your site.
  • A maintenance mode enabler script.
  • An IP exclusion system.
  • A quick reference guide on how to use this.


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Sree - Founder/MD/Chief Cloud & DevOps Architect
Sree is an evangelist and thought leader in the Continuous Delivery and DevOps space. In addition to being a Cloud Architect, he also imparts training in AWS, Docker and other DevOps related technologies. Sree's core speciality is in building scripted, version-able, repeatable, auto-scaling, load-balanced and self-healing infrastructures. Sree also works in server-less architectures using AWS Lambda service and Internet of Things (IOT). Sree is also an Amazon Certified AWS Cloud Architect with 15+ years of server experience. He is also the author of Docker Fundamentals [Integrated Course] published by Packtpub.


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