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Are you looking for Accurate Magento 1 or 2 Bulk Product Image Upload Service? My Team can Help!

Importing products can sometimes be a tricky task in Magento - especially with multiple image uploads. Whether it is bulk upload products or migration of all the products from one website to another, most shop owners tend to use the native Product Import/Export Feature. Using this feature we can easily migrated products. There are a couple of issues that shop owners commonly face with this native feature and free Magento bulk image upload extensions:

  • Lack of robust support for multiple image upload for products
  • Repeat upload of the same bulk product upload CSV will result in duplicate images - instead of update
  • No support for getting the images from a URL. All images have to be uploaded to the server before import

Keeping these issues in mind, Schogini offers a service that allows shop owners to bulk upload products with full support for multiple images, image position and external image location. The shop owner creates an CSV with the product and image data and our service will look after the rest.

Magento Bulk Upload Multiple Images  How does it work?

Create a CSV with the product & image data.

The CSV can have either the complete product data, with the multiple image & position data, if the merchant has opted for Full Import, or just the SKU and the image data. This CSV will be screened by our team and discrepancies if any will be reported back. Schogini will provide a standard CSV format. In case the shop owner is exporting the product data from their ERP system then, we can decide on a common format that suits the shop owner.

Store Access

We will need temporary access to your Magento Shop - both FTP/SSH & Admin - with the necessary permissions. This will help us setup your products & images with independently.

Verification & Owner Satisfaction

During import, there could be instances where certain images could not be imported or there was a mismatch. Our QA team will ensure each product & image is checked and discrepancies are reported to the shop owner. After the QA team gives the green signal the shop owner reviews the import.

Store Manager for Magento  Advanced product management.

Store Manager for Magento is an advanced desktop-based application designed to enhance the standard functionality of the default admin Web interface.

The ability to update big amounts of products, inventory and orders all at once; all-embracing categories, orders and customers management, advanced filters and search options, extended import/ export functionality - this is what makes the software the best store management assistant for Magento!


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