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Magento is a flexible, Open Source eCommerce platform for small to enterprise level businesses.

The Magento codebase is managed by a strong in-house team (Enterprise Edition) and a large, talented community of developers (Community Edition).
This means security loop holes are detected fast and patches are released quickly & frequently.
Applying Magento patch safely is a process that shop owners should only trust an experienced team with.
Proper backup, safe application of the patch with the ability to revert or rollback carefully is extremely crucial - especially on a live shop.

Schogini offers Magento Security Patch Service at a very reasonable price. Shop owners can leverage Schogini's team of Certified Developers and 10+ years of expertise to patch their shop carefully.

Subscribe to our Magento Security Patch Service at a discounted annual price and we will monitor your store and alert you about latest Magento Patch releases applicable to your store and also apply them for you!

One-Time Security Update

  • Safe application of the patch by our Magento Certified Professionals
  • One time payment


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Unlimited Security Updates SAVE!

  • Safe application of the patch by our Magento Certified Professionals
  • Monthly recurring payment
  • Anytime Magento releases new security updates, we will take necessary steps to alert and install the patch on your shop
  • Cancel the subscription anytime

$17.00/mo SAVE!

Gayatri S Ajith

Gayatri is a certified professional and highly experienced OpenSource eCommerce developer, team lead, and project manager. She is Magento Certified Developer Plus and Magento Certified Solutions Specialist. With over a decade of hands-on development experience in web technologies (LAMP & MEAN), she has a strong technical background with the ability to communicate those technicalities frequently and clearly. Gayatri is comfortable in proposing alternatives when necessary to ensure the client goals are met - always. Currently, she is mastering AngularJS & Ionic while heading the eCommerce division of Schogini.

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