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Case Study : Mobile App for Magento Shop Using AngularJS eCommerce - The Magento Mobile Success Story


The client is an online Magento shop owner, who wanted to develop a mobile version of his shop. They wanted to have an AngularJS ecommerce app for their online Magento shop, which will work on mobile devices. They were looking to have the additional customer engagement and customer satisfaction factors that a mobile version of their online shop can provide. They wanted their customers to be able to shop from their store from anywhere.

Business Scenario

The client wanted to develop a minimum viable mobile Angular ecommerce app, which can be easily expanded to a full fledged eCommerce app by adding additional modules. They needed the angular app to be able to handle multiple stores, responsive Bootstrap design, API integration and Payment gateway integration which can be linked to the online shop.


Even a minimum viable eCommerce app for mobile using AngularJS linked to their online shop was not an easy task to accomplish.

  • User registration and management module integrated with their online shop.
  • Loading product and other related resource from the online Magento shop with the help of API calls.
  • Product listing and details with provision to filter and change layout.
  • Loading new products based on user scrolling.
  • Shopping cart integration with options to update quantity or remove product from cart.
  • Integration of payment gateways on the mobile like Paypal.
  • Extensible so that new feature/module addition like new payment methods is easy.
  • Resource optimization for faster and cleaner app performance.


The team of Schogini experts analysed the requirements in detail and divided the requirement into various phases of development to ensure compatibility with the requirement at each step. Also the libraries to be used to accomplish these on the angular mobile app were identified and tested. A detailed evaluation of API calls and the authentication protocol was setup to make the integration with the online shop as smooth as possible. The presentation of data from the API calls were made clean and beautiful with the help of AngularJS & Bootstrap. Modularity of the project was ensured at every stage for the extensibility of the project. Test driven development ensured the integrity of each module. During the initial stage of development, the session data was getting mixed but was handled very soon. With the help of Ionic framework, the conversion to mobile application was also done.


With the highly modular angular ecommerce app ready for mobile with beautiful and responsive layout, the minimum viable product is released to a selected group of beta customers to identify the additional modules to be added to make it a value addition to the client’s online shop.


Abhijith VG - COO/Cloud & DevOps Architect
Abhi is a very experienced mobile app expert, specialized in native IOS & Android. He looks after the mobility department at Schogini. He has 6+ years of experience in managing and developing highly complex applications for mobile devices in IOS & Android platforms. His expertise ranges from mobile enterprise business application development & multi platform custom app development to 2D game development. He is also the author of variety of books on IOS application development with Objective-C & Swift. He is a well established trainer on both IOS and Android application development. Along with these, he is also an Amazon AWS Developer & Magento Developer Plus certified professional.
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