“I've been with Schogini for years now, almost as long as I can remember. My company used Schogini services to host our website; and I still use Schogini for my email now that I have sold my business. The reason for my long term loyalty to Schogini? Unparalleled service and dependability. ”
Jessica Keyes, Ph.D.

Docker & DevOps Automation


Looking for a self-healing, auto-scaling, load-balanced architecture? My team manages small to enterprise class Amazon AWS EC2 infrastructures, which range from custom designed, Elastic BeanStalk based to CloudFormation based.


Magento 2 EE AWS Route53 Based Disaster Recovery and Custom Maintenance Page on AWS EC2 with Load Balancer and AutoScaling


Save time in easily manage essential AWS and All other related services using Schogini's custom Dashboard


Containers are here to stay! Are you looking to containerize your applications? Docker is the way to go! Be it a single Docker Container, be it a Scalable Service or be it a Swarm of Services distributed across servers, my team can help you.


My team can streamline your BA(Build Automation) Pipeline for CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery). We can be the backup for your DevOps team or be your DevOps team itself! We work with Vagrant, Docker, Chef, Puppet and Jenkins.


Splitting up your application into a set of MicroServices will make it much more manageable, scalable and repeatable. Be it PHP (eg: WordPress, Magento), Ruby or Python, my team can do it for you.

Schogini's years of Linux server based hosting experience helped in its natural progression into the DevOps automation space. Schogini has a certified Amazon AWS solutions expert as its team head to design a cost effective CI and CD solutions using Docker and related tools.

Scalable Magento Development with AWS & Docker Containers

Undoubtedly Docker is the way to go! Docker automates the deployment of applications inside containers and this not only helps in repeatability, but also tremendously enhanced the speed of integration and deployments with minimal downtimes.

Custom CI & CD For Magento

Should you need to further streamline your deployment pipeline! Our server scripting experts can build necessary custom automation scripts hooking your versioning systems like Git repositories.

Auto-Scaling and Load-Balancing

Our Amazon AWS certified professionals can re-design your hosting environment using time tested repertoire of AWS services for cost effective and highly reliable clustered implementation

Infrastructure as Code

Times have changed! No more long and unpredictable server administrator dependant server configurations for staging or production environments. It is all code, your infrastructure can be versioned and rolled-back! Yes, we can do this for your to safe guard your investments, fine tunes the architecture, and tag them!

Server-Less Micro Services Using AWS Lambda

Let us breakdown your web application into smaller chunks, separate the static and dynamic areas and re-deploy using content-delivery-networks like AWS CloudFront CDN and AWS Lambda Functions!

Micro Services Using Docker Containers

Reduce costs, improve repeatability! Split your application into dynamic docker container driven units. We will setup your development, staging and production environment using docker container orchestration.

Linux Server Administration

Are you still with traditional dedicated, shared VPS ro cPanel/WHM hosting? So what, we still support hundreds client server. We have one time setup plans to monthly maintenance plans. We work with Alpine, Centos, Debian and Ubuntu Operating Systems.

Magento Commerce

Schogini's experience in web hosting lead to the creation of a web development division which evolved into eCommerce team, specifically Magento. Schogini has been working closely with Magento since the beginning being one of the first companys to release payment modules for it. Our first payment module was even featured on Roy Rubin's list of Magento modules to install. Schogini is now one of the largest payment module developers online, being the trusted developer for major payment gateways like First Data, Vantiv, TrustCommerce and more. As our expertise with Magento strengthened, so did our customers trust in our abilites and we started our Magento consultation services. With Magento Certified Developers & Architects our team is capable to meet and exceed any eCommerce requirement on Magento.

 Magento Readiness & Security Check

Getting a production ready Magento store is by no means a simple task. With the holidays just round the corner, your shop is all decked up and ready for the rush. This is the perfect time to let us test your Magento shop against our checklist of items that need to be done to ensure that your shop is secure and ready. From simple security checks to complex 404 page reports on your site - the Magento Readiness & Security Check service is the perfect final touch for your site. No subscription fees - cost includes error report & assistance with the fix!

Magento Consultation

Let a Magento Certified Solutions Specialist guide you on the best methods to meet your requirements. Whether Magento is an optimal solution for you, do you need to purchase a module, which module, when to opt for custom development - certified specialist are experienced to answer such questions and more. Schogini will understand your requirements and will chart out an implementation roadmap with measurable milestones.

Magento Shop Fix/Debug Support

Got a nagging issue on your Magento shop that you cannot find the source of or fix? Let Magento Certified Developers help you. Schogini's developers are certified for both Magento Community & Enterprise Editions.

Magento Payment Gateway Integration

Schogini is the largest payment module developers online. We are the chosen integrators for popular payment gateways like First Data, Vantiv, TrustCommerce, goEMerchant and more. You will definitely find a module for your payment gateway in our module store. If not, we are more than equipped to develop a module for you.

Magento Custom Development

Magento has some powerful features out of the box. But, sometimes you may need to tweak something, add an extra feature, integrate your external system (ERP, CRM etc). Schogini can help here. Our case studies is proof of our experience in both frontend and backend development.

Magento Module Installation & Setup Support

Purchased a Magento module? Installation steps look confusing? Worried your shop will break after installation? Not sure how to setup & configure the module? Let Schogini's team of certified Magento professional safely install & setup the module for you.

 Magento Security Patch & Upgrade

Magento is large open source community with extremely knowledgable developers. This means vulnerabilities are identified quickly and patched. Some patches can be simple and some not so simple. Schogini can help you analyse your current shop & safely apply seurity patches. Magento version updates must be done extremely carefully, else you can lose data! Let Magento experts at Schogini do it for you.

Magento Product Import

Schogini assist you in importing your products into your Magento shop - simple or configurable. Schogini's certified developers & solution specialists can design the catalog, attributes, attribute sets and import product products & images. Whether you have products with multiple images or products with custom pricing, our team of professionals have the expertise.

Mobility Solutions

Since the year 2010, Schogini diversified into mobility space, building state of the art mobile apps. From educational apps & 2D games to enterprise business apps, Schogini has developed 500+ mobile applications in IOS and Android platforms. Schogini can deliver high quality apps on any mobile platform. Schogini also provides online and on-site training on IOS (both Objective-C & Swift) & Android app development. Schogini also specializes in interfacing mobile devices with external devices for realworld use. The Augmented Reality Siren successfully developed and tested by Schogini, which can be used in detecting dam fissures, unmanned railway crossings etc is a perfect example for this. Schogini also received appreciation from United Nations representive for the use of technology in disaster management for this venture. Schogini has always been on to new and latest technologies and has good expertise in developing multi platform mobile applications using Ionic & AngularJS.

Mobile Push Notification Implementation

Push Notification Service is an integral part of a IOS & Android app development. IOS push notification service can be implemented with the help of Apple's APN services and can be integrated with 3rd party notifications services like Amazon SNS, Parse, Google Cloud Messaging (GCN) etc. Android push notification service can be implemented with the help of Google Cloud Messaging, which can also be integrated with the help of other 3rd party services including Amazon SNS, Parse etc. Schogini's mobile notification service implementation can help you integrate push notifications for your existing IOS & Android applications, which can work across platforms as well.

Parse Setup/Implementation

Parse is a push notification service, which was a popular service sometime back but is not available right now. There are still lot of mobile applications running Parse. So they published their backend source code so that developers can host their parse server on their own. Schogini can help you setup and implement your own parse system for your mobile backend and notifications.

Watchkit Addition to IOS App

The Apple framework, that is used to develop applications for Apple's WatchOS, which is running on Apple Watches is Watchkit. After the arrival of Apple Watch, developers are trying to develop watch-friendly applications. They are also focusing on adding watch app as an extension to their existing IOS applications. Schogini can help you with the integration of create a watchkit extension to your existing applications so that your app can also leverage the wonderful features and added user experience of having an Apple watch extension.

Augmented Reality (AR) for IOS

What is AR? Why implement it on your mobile app? Augmented reality is a wonderful technique, which can seriously boost your customer engagement and ease of use, if done correct. Using this, if a user views the world using their mobile camera, the mobile device will overlay additional informations on top of the real world view. It can be based on markers or locations based on your app requirement. Schogini can help you implementing this cool technique to your IOS mobile application. Schogini's experience in Augmented reality integration include developing location based community service app, marker based fissure or crack detection, disaster recovery etc, which received various recognitions from all over the world.

Apple Pay Integration for IOS

Apple Pay provides an easy and secure way of mobile payments on IOS. Let your eCommerce or booking app take full use of this. Give your customers one more reason to choose you over your competitor. Let the experienced developers of Schogini take care of Apple Pay Integration for your IOS app.

App Upgrade and Optimization for IOS 10 Update

With Apple's continuos upgrades, it is critical for IOS app developers to continuosly upgrade their applications so that it will work with the latest IOS devices and OS versions. But while doing this, the developers will have to ensure that their app will work on older IOS devices as well. This is not an easy task. But Schogini with 6+ years of experience in travelling with the IOS versions, have the capability to accomplish this. Any type of IOS application, be it business app or games, Schogini can help you upgrade and optimize it for the latest IOS version.

App Upload Services for IOS

If you a long term IOS developer with lots of apps under your iTunes account, you might have noticed that Apple is sending notifications to add an update for app which are not updated recently. If you don't do this, then the app will be removed from the iTunes market. The fastest way to fix this is to add an update for your applications on iTunes using your old code with some minor changes. But the issue is that it is not an easy task. The errors and issues that you will face during this can only be solved with vast experience in all areas of IOS app development. Let the experienced Schogini team help and streamline this IOS app upload process for you.

Custom Report/PDF Generation using Templates for IOS & Android

Any utility mobile application will need reporting and it should be flexible so that it will convey the exact meaning to the customer in a graphical manner. In the case of business applications for mobile, this is even important as along with custom reporting, these app will be required to generate and share PDF reports based on these. And templates will have to be used to create customized reporting. The templates can be based on html & javascript so that the users will get elegantly designed reports. Schogini has worked with all types of report generation using templates and custom designed to dynamically generated ones. Let Schogini help you to take your business or utility app to the next level.

Converting Objective-C code to Swift

Swift is the recent programming language introduced by Apple, for the development of applications for IOS. It is a wonderful language, with very limited constraints. It provides more flexibility in IOS app development. Apple might even also be replacing Objective-C with Swift in the future. But what to do with the existing Objective-C applications? Well it will have to be converted to Swift. Schogini has converted over 50 Objective-C applications to Swift and can help you convert your application to the new language without further delay.

Back-end API Development & Integration for Mobile Apps

High end business applications to multiplayer game applications require integration with the backend. This backend integration should be safe, secure and also modular to avoid unnecessary server load. With 18+ years of server and 6+ years of mobile expertise, Schogini is able to cater to both and integration one with another so as to gain the power of both.

Mobile App Integration with AWS for IOS & Android

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an service platform which is very powerful and useful. It has services ranging from S3 bucket for storing files, SNS (Simple Notification System) & SQS (Simple Queueing System) for notifications and queueing systems, RDS (Relational Database) for database operation, Lambda for executing complex operations with the help of just end points, without the need for a dedicated server. If you can integrate AWS to your mobile application, that means you can integrate cloud with your application. Schogini can help you bring this power of cloud to your existing mobile applications.

Testflight & Testing Framework Integration for IOS

Beta testing and unit testing is an integral part of software development. This is even true in case of enterprise business applications for mobile devices. Schogini can help you integrate unit testing for your existing IOS applications and integrate testflight for beta testing.

Fix, Update or Complete existing Objective-C / Swift / Android code

Need help with fixing or updating your existing IOS or Android application? Or want help in completing your app, which your old developers were not able to finish? Schogini can help you with that. Be it Objective-C or Swift or Java or C++ code, Schogini can help you finish your application. Schogini can also help you with all the areas of mobile app development and deployment.

Complex Multi Platform Business Mobile App Development

Business applications require it to be available across all the mobile platforms including IOS and Android. Not only that, but also the app data need to be synced across devices. Schogini has vast experience in developing multi platform mobile applications for IOS & Android with the help of Ionic, AngularJS, Phonegap & Cordova.

Integrating Cocos2D with Native IOS & Android

Cocos2D is a popular multi platform 2D game development platform for developing 2D games for IOS and Android. Cocos2D is there even for Javascript so that it will work on your browsers as well. Schogini has been working with Cocos2D for IOS, Android & Javascript for over 4 years and has developed over 100 applications using this. Schogini also expertises in converting cocos2D applications developed in one platform to another. Along with these, Schogini has successfully explored the full potential and various ways of combining it with the native IOS and Android development without disrupting both the systems.

Interfacing Mobile Devices with External Devices

The use of smart phones as a device to make calls is getting reduced day-by-day. Instead it is now being your as a mobile office or mobile class room or even as a mobile remote for all your house hold appliances. Mobile devices are now capable of interfacing with electronic equipments and with the help of IOT can even perform highly complex actions. Schogini has experience in integrating electronic equipments with the help of arduino boards. Schogini also has the capability to connect other external devices to mobile applications with the help of API's and can even develop interfacing API's to accomplish the task.



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