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Case Study : Small Business Mobile App Development - Home Delivery Success Story


Any business whether its small business or medium business or large business, if they want to reach their maximum target audience and appease their expectations and demand, will require a mobile app. This is because now smart phones are really popular and mobile browsing and mobile shopping is at an all-time high. The client is a small business which promises fresh fishes at affordable prices in places around their business location. Their main customers were working class people, who will purchase fish when they leave for home after office. To satisfy their target customers, the client provides pickup and home delivery functionalities. They planned to take their business to a new level and way above their competitors in the area. They wanted to serve more customers and at a faster rate to save customer time. For that they decided to provide custom mobility solutions for their business. So they were looking for a small business mobile app development company, who can develop the mobile app along with the backend system at an affordable price.

Business Scenario

The client wanted to have a mobile app for their customers, which is easy to use for the customer and also will enable them to serve their customers better and at a faster. Their main aim with this app was to provide a tool for their customers to browse the available items for today, see the price, select the quantity to order and select the pickup time or the home delivery option. The user will be able to purchase fish from anywhere, even when they are travelling and can also track the status of their order. It is also important for the app to get the necessary information on a daily and timely basis like inventory and price for a particular day from the backend.


  • Development of backend system with provision for adding new features easily at a later stage.
  • Efficient and safe integration of the mobile app with the backend.
  • Fluid UI design with focus on ease of use and simplicity.
  • Customer management and order history available for the user on their mobile devices.
  • Custom notification to the client’s team when a new order is placed or an existing one updated.
  • Ability for user to select a pickup time in case of pickup and suitable time and method of payment for home delivery.
  • Customer feedback system to improve customer satisfaction and customer service.


The expert team from Schogini made a careful analysis of the requirements and arrived upon a simple yet elegant design with all the features incorporated. The backend was developed in AngularJS framework and the mobile apps were created using the native mobile technologies. The main focus was given on the ease of use. The application did include fetching images and data from the cloud along with a backend web system for the client’s team to see and process orders. A reminder system was also put in place to alert the client’s team when the pickup or delivery time was near.


With the completion of all the features in the small business mobile app development with cloud backend, the client now has the best in the class mobile solution. The client saved quite a lot of time on each order via the mobile app, which in-turn made it possible for them to serve more customers. The customer convenience and satisfaction increased by a great deal, there by increasing the customer retainership. Because of all these, the overall revenue of the client has considerably gone up.


Abhijith VG - COO/Cloud & DevOps Architect
Abhi is a very experienced mobile app expert, specialized in native IOS & Android. He looks after the mobility department at Schogini. He has 6+ years of experience in managing and developing highly complex applications for mobile devices in IOS & Android platforms. His expertise ranges from mobile enterprise business application development & multi platform custom app development to 2D game development. He is also the author of variety of books on IOS application development with Objective-C & Swift. He is a well established trainer on both IOS and Android application development. Along with these, he is also an Amazon AWS Developer & Magento Developer Plus certified professional.
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