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Sreeprakash Neelakantan

Founder/MD - Schogini Systems Private Limited


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Struggling with the never-ending demand for quick customer support? See how adding AI chatbots provide real-time, round-the-clock responses, ensuring your customers are never left waiting.

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Why are customer emails going unanswered?

Response delays often occur due to overwhelming volume.

Solution: Integrate an AI Chatbot for instant, reliable email query responses.

Are you losing sales after business hours?

Potential customers often seek help when your team is offline.

Solution: Deploy a 24/7 AI Chatbot to capture and convert leads anytime.

Why do customers leave your website quickly?

Visitors struggle to find the information they need swiftly.

Solution: Implement a navigation-friendly AI Chatbot that provides instant answers.

How to handle repetitive customer queries efficiently?

Manual responses to repetitive questions consume substantial time.

Solution: Use an AI Chatbot to automate responses and free up your team for complex tasks.

Why is customer satisfaction dropping?

Inconsistent and delayed responses lead to customer frustration.

Solution: Enhance service quality with a consistent, always-on AI Chatbot.

How to improve customer engagement on your site?

Engaging users effectively online is increasingly challenging.

Solution: Introduce an interactive AI Chatbot that keeps users engaged with dynamic conversations.

How can small businesses reduce operational costs?

High staffing costs for customer service can be unsustainable.

Solution: Cut down expenses with an AI Chatbot that handles multiple customer interactions simultaneously.

How to provide multilingual support affordably?

Hiring multilingual staff is expensive and not scalable.

Solution: Deploy an AI Chatbot capable of communicating in multiple languages.

How to ensure privacy in customer interactions?

Manual handling of sensitive information can lead to breaches.

Solution: Secure data privacy with an AI Chatbot programmed to comply with data protection regulations.

Why are your support tickets piling up?

Manual ticket handling can't keep up with the volume.

Solution: Streamline support with an AI Chatbot that sorts and responds to tickets efficiently.

How to make your website accessible to the disabled?

Traditional websites often aren't designed with accessibility in mind.

Solution: Enhance accessibility with an AI Chatbot that can interact via voice or simple text commands.

How to keep up with customer demands for instant support?

Customers expect immediate responses, which can be demanding for staff.

Solution: Meet customer expectations with an AI Chatbot that provides instant replies.

How to handle customer service during peak times?

Staff can be overwhelmed during high traffic periods.

Solution: Implement an AI Chatbot to handle excess queries during peak hours effortlessly.

How to educate customers about your products efficiently?

Providing detailed product information manually to each customer is inefficient.

Solution: Program your AI Chatbot to deliver precise product details and updates on demand.

How to manage large volumes of inquiries without increasing staff?

Scaling customer service teams in line with inquiry growth is costly.

Solution: Opt for an AI Chatbot that scales automatically with the demand

How to offer personalized shopping advice online?

Personalizing service for each online visitor manually is not feasible.

Solution: Customize interactions with an AI Chatbot that offers tailored shopping recommendations.

How to reduce the learning curve for new support agents?

Training new staff to be effective takes time and resources.

Solution: Augment training with an AI Chatbot that provides instant information to new agents.

How to ensure your team focuses on high-value tasks?

Team members often get bogged down by routine queries.

Solution: Redirect routine tasks to an AI Chatbot, freeing your team for strategic roles.

How to minimize human errors in customer service?

Human agents can make mistakes, especially when handling repetitive tasks.

Solution: Minimize errors with an AI Chatbot trained for accuracy and consistency.

How to update customers about new policies effectively?

Communicating updates manually to each customer is labor-intensive.

Solution: Program your AI Chatbot to inform customers about the latest policies and changes automatically.

Sreeprakash Neelakantan

"Sreeprakash Neelakantan, the Founder and Managing Director of Schogini Systems Private Limited"

With over four decades of industry experience, Sreeprakash is not only a veteran in IT and electronics but also a respected Art of Living faculty member since 1999, specializing in breath and meditation workshops.

Under his leadership, Schogini Systems has become a forefront runner in helping small and micro businesses in India transition from traditional operations to digital landscapes. His expertise spans across digital marketing, AI technologies, and e-commerce solutions, ensuring businesses achieve optimal online presence and efficiency.



Is this video on the importance of AI chatbots technical?

No, this video is designed to enlighten business owners on how critical it is to add an AI chatbot to their website. It is non-technical and accessible for all audiences.

What topics are covered in this video?

The video explains how traditional pre-programmed chatbots with limited behavior are surpassed by AI-based chatbots, which continually update their knowledge and capabilities. It highlights the significant advantages of AI in improving customer interaction.

Why should I watch this video?

The internet is full of videos on AI and chatbots. However, this video comes from Sreeprakash Neelakantan, founder of Schogini Systems, an AI Automation Agency. His insights provide a valuable stepping stone into the world of AI, making this video a must-watch for those looking to leverage AI technology in their business operations.

What other services does your company offer?

We offer special webinars to demonstrate end-to-end how AI chatbots are implemented. Additionally, we provide client consultation and turnkey chatbot implementation projects, helping businesses seamlessly integrate advanced AI solutions into their workflows.

Who is this video suitable for?

This video is ideal for small business owners or website administrators who want to enhance visitor engagement and improve the overall user experience. It provides valuable insights into how AI chatbots can help streamline communications and offer instant support to users, making it a crucial resource for anyone looking to leverage AI technology to boost their business operations.


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“Dear Schogini, Thank you for 10 years of frontline service. I have continuously been impressed with your fast, expert, and courteous service that has continued to improve and expand, keeping not just up to date but also user friendly. I never feel intimidated or stupid, even though I know the problem is not with Schogini or its services but from my side. Thank you for 10 smooth years, you have made life for me on the Internet possible!"

Tom Hibi

Manager, Tom's English Services

“Sree is my go-to guy on all matters related to web hosting. My fierce loyalty to Schogini as my web host of choice is largely due to his support over the years. I always appreciate the kindness shown by everyone at Schogini. I know that any question/comment/concern that I submit is going to have a detailed (yet concise), accurate, organized, and well-researched answer."

Matt Williams

Videoconferencing/Webcasting Consultant, Johns Hopkins University

“We have been with Schogini since 1997. There service and support is of the highest quality and their prices are very reasonable. Schogini has consistently and patiently provided advice and guidance over a wide range of procedures so that I could not only manage my own site, but also handle the individual requests of my own clients. Highly recommended! Uptime is great - customer support is the best!"

Ray Rockholt

Information Security, Donaldson Company, Inc

“I've been with Schogini for years now, almost as long as I can remember. My company used Schogini services to host our website; and I still use Schogini for my email now that I have sold my business. The reason for my long term loyalty to Schogini? Unparalleled service and dependability."

Jessica Keyes


"Our Brussels based IT services company, M D & M sa, is using the Schogini web servers and mail services since 1999, with a nearly 100 % satisfaction factor. Almost no downtime, a fast and personal support seven days a week, 24/24, helping us provide a reliable hosting to our professional customers, including very demanding law firms. Schogini always proved to be a real proactive partner and is one of our most long term business relationships."

Bob J Ward

CEO, M D & M sa, Brussels

"After trying several recommended ‘expert’ e commerce companies, we stumbled across SCHOGINI. In a last ditched effort to undo and repair the damages the previous ‘reputable’ company had done, and after depth discussions explaining our brief, we engaged SCHOGINI. The results were immediate. As promised, within one week the problems had been iron out and all errors removed from our site. We have continued to enjoy an ongoing relationship with SCHOGINI who are tenacious in problem solving. Their service is prompt, professional and courteous. It is without hesitation we recommend SCHOGINI and are happy to discuss further by phone or email.”

Anne Harding

Founder & Director, Stanley Lewis

We specialize in empowering small and micro businesses to make a seamless transition to the digital world. Let Schogini Systems be your partner in navigating the complexities of going digital, ensuring your business thrives in the competitive online marketplace.

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