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Congratulations! You now own the key to start an incredible journey into the world of digital computing and logical thinking. This toy is a wise, long-term investment that has the potential to unlock the latent technical, analytical, and creative aptitudes of young ones.


Watch the Intro Video

01 Simple Push Switch

02 Push to Toggle

03 Blinking

04 Delayed Switching

05 Running Lights

06 Crazy Lights (Random)

07 Selector Switch

08 Seesaw

09 Shy of Light (Light Sensitive)

10 Police Car Lighting

11 Intelligent Traffic Signal


No, this toy is excellent to introduce you to the world of programming. It teaches how to begin your MIT-Scratch or Python journey. Understand the relationship between the blinking LEDs and the flowcharts, the Scratch code, and the Python code. You can move on to your laptop to try out our tested activity samples at this stage. You will continue your coding experiments using your laptop browser. Please feel free to contact us with your doubts.
We are launching a Python based programmable CPU box very soon!

We can repair it for you. Please contact us via the form below, we will send you where to send the CPU for repairs.

There can be three reasons for this. 
1. CPU was left power ON for more that 5 minutes without using and it went into the auto sleep mode. All you need to do is to press and hold the push button down and switch the CPU ON.
2. Battery is low. Please follow the battery replacement video. You can see the video link in the How-To Videos.
3. CPU is dead, do not worry. We offer continued service for the CPU box. Please contact us via the form below and we shall let you know how you can send the CPU box to us.

Yes, when the CPU box is powered ON, anytime you can press the push button longer than 5 seconds to enter into the level selection mode. Now you can press the push button to cycle though the levels. When you reach the required level, do a long press again to enter this level (also remember this as the default level). 


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